Recruitment Guide

We are waiting for people to grow with Rudasys.

Rudasys pursue sustainable growth and look forward to applications with talent and passion who will join us in the future.

Recruitment process and Qualifications

Recruitment process

Occasional recruitment – Occasional recruitment is carried out to recruit required personal from time to time

Full-Time recruitment – Submit an application to recruiter regardless of recruiment period

How to apply

Apply via email with a free-form resume and experience certificate (

Application requirements

Required Qualifications

Those who have completed military service or are exempt from military service and are not disqualified from traveling abroad. Those who can work full-time after joining the company.

Preferred Qualifications and experience

Aviation/Space/Computer/System engineering major (graduates) and master’s/doctoral degree recipients

Experience in aviation services and R&D in the aviation field

Research institute experience

Airline worker certificate holder

Engineer Information Processing license, Engineer Big Data Analysis license, Experience in statistical/probability data modeling

Experience in C, C++, JAVA, Python and excellence in documentation

CAD/CAM proficient

Job description

Conducting national research projects in the aviation field and developing technology

Collection, purification, analysis, etc. of aviation-related data

Development of applications such as artificial intelligence, AR/VR, and big data


  1. The recruitment process and schedule may vary depending on the situation.

  2. We will contact you individually after reviewing your resume, and we will not reply separately.

  3. If false information is found in the application, your acceptance may be canceled.

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