Optical based Vertiport Surveillance System

Real-time surveillance video data and flight location analysis

for Vertiport operators and traffic management service providers for the safe take-off and landing of the UAM

  • Analysis of vertical, horizontal deviations of AI-based approach aircraft
  • Provides an intuitive interface including real-time approach section departure monitoring and warning functions
  • Application of precision positioning technology using optical equipment
  • Obstacle Intrusion Detection through objects recognition within UAM corridors and vertiports
  • Portability by applying modularization and packaging

Increase UAM take-off and landing stability 
as an essential element of the Vertiport remote surveillance system

Preemptive safety management through 
intuitive and clear decision-making

Support UAM and aviation-specific surveillance systems 
to cope with existing navigation safety facilities

Provides operational solutions through the use of video data 
and aerial vehicle location analysis data  

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